April 2015

How to Broadcast from External Source with Lysn in

When setting up an external device such as a DJ mixer or laptop to broadcast through Lysn in, we highly recommend the Line 6 Sonic Port (pictured below). You can snag one from Amazon or find a local dealer near you.

Line 6 Sonic Port







Because the Sonic Port connects to your iPhone or iPad through the lightning port, audio is transmitter in Stereo. The Sonic Port also has a 30 pin dock connecter cable if you’re using an older iDevice. ┬áThe Sonic Port will also enable you to connect any external audio source such as a record player or TV.

Please note this External feature works only with the Wi-Fi version of Lysn in (otherwise you would deplete your data plan very quickly) and we have intentionally built in a ~2 second delay to ensure no audio is lost during broadcast.

Let us know about your experience and should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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